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Tequila is more than just a drink; It is an ancient tradition full of colors and history.

Be amazed at the agave fields lightening up the landscape. This ancient plant carries in its heart the spirit of the tequila.

Discover tequila’s history through the artisanal process and follow its evolution over time, learning the new iterations this god’s drink has taken.

Enjoy and live through discovering the nuances in the different tequila flavors that you will experience in each type of tequila (Blanco-Silver, Joven-Young/Gold, Reposado-Slightly Aged, Añejo-Aged, Extra Añejo-Ultra Aged, and flavored tequilas), and its production characteristics.

  • Only Hotels or lodging addresses inside Guadalajara’s metropolitan area are included.
  • The approximate pick-up time for each passenger or group will be informed in advance.
  • The itinerary may vary depending on the distances and designated schedule.
  • Don Valente is a family-owned business, internationally recognized for the quality of its tequilas and winner of the most prestigious awards in the world. Don Valente elaborates tequila following the oldest procedure in the book, using a pit to cook the agave, a “tahona” (rock) for pounding, and French and Canadian white oak barrels for aging.
  • Don Valente offers 7 different tastings of tequila: Blanco (Silver), Reposado (Slightly aged), and Añejo (Aged), as well as 4 digestive Tequilas (flavored tequila): Quince, Almond, Coffee, and Cream (These flavors may vary and are subject to availability).
  • In addition, Don Valente offers three tastings of its luxury production at an additional cost. “Don Valente Tahona” (Silver), 9-year-old Ultra Aged “Immaculate Perfection”, and 10-year-old Ultra Aged “Double Barrel Immaculate Perfection”. All three of them include an expert tequila glass and an ounce of tequila.
  • There are around 200,000 acres of planted agaves in the state of Jalisco. You will be able to walk among them. This agave landscape has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2006. Because agave takes years to mature, the different stages of this ancient plant can be observed here.
  • The Xolo-Haka lookout is a spring of water located on the banks of the Tequila volcano. From this point, the view of the town of Tequila is spectacular, as well as agave fields planted on the mountains.
  • If it was not enough, on one side of the restaurant we can also observe the archaeological remains of an ancient civilization called "Guachimontones", which existed even before the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Mexicas.
  • To top it off, Xolo-Haka has a delicious flavor and a great chef. Find typical Jalisco dishes such as "Carne en su jugo", "Birria", and "Quesabirrias", as well as all kinds of meal options such as skirt steak, carne asada, hamburgers, or shrimp cooked to taste.
  • Food at Xolo-Haka is included and consists of an appetizer, an entrée, and two drinks (Cool Water, Soft Drink or Beer) per person.
  • José Cuervo is the oldest tequila factory still operating. Founded in 1795, it has a centuries-old tradition and an internationally recognized name.
  • The tour is between 45 minutes to an hour, and you can see one of the most innovative processes in tequila production.
  • You’ll have an hour and 45 minutes of free time in the town of Tequila. You can walk, explore, get pictures, buy souvenirs, and visit museums during this time.
  • The cantarito is a clay pot with a traditional beverage from Jalisco made with grapefruit, orange, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt, along with grapefruit soda and tequila (Choose the one you like). Price varies depending on the choice of tequila going from $200 MXN up to $400 MXN per cantarito (1lt). Cantaritos of 3, 8, 10 and up to 20 liters are available for groups.
  • For those who have had enough tequila for the day, there is an option called “Russian”, which is just the drink without the tequila, also delicious!
  • If during the day you tried a cantarito in a tequila distillery, the restaurant, or in the town, you will soon discover that the flavor at “Che Che's” is 100 times better.
  • Also, you will enjoy a Mexican-style party atmosphere, with regional band music, which will make your experience extremely fun.
  • The return to Guadalajara will start around 7:00 pm, however traffic tends to increase at this time due to the fact that workers from the Technology Park are leaving their jobs. Usually, entry to the Guadalajara metropolitan area is close to 8:00 p.m.
  • Depending on your choice, we can return you directly to your lodging place or to a restaurant or commercial area of your choice.
Airport shuttle (airport-hotel-airport) might be included. Restrictions apply.
  • Restricted hours and subject to availability.
  • Vehicle could vary based on availability. Options should be available upon tour reservation.

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*Child or booster seat available upon request

Tequila Tour (All Inclusive)